Industrie Sliding Gates
INOVA Sliding GatesINOVA Sliding Gates - you do not have to accept any compromises
INOVA Fence Posts
INOVA Fence PostsWe produce fence posts in Europe's most modern, fully automatic fence post production. Get an idea of our post series inoPremium, inoTrend and inoBasis.
INOVA Swing Gates
Swing GatesFrom industrial swing gates to long lasting private dwelling gates.
Specially Designed Sliding Gates
Individual Sliding GatesINOVA Customized Sliding Gates are designed and produced according to your specific needs and your corporate design.
INOVA Double Wire Fence and Fence Posts
Double Wire panels and INOVA Fence PostsThe Double Wire Fence is secure and discreet at the same time, so the view remains free for what is essential.
SilverLine Sliding Gates
The Eye-CatcherThe INOVA Silverline Aluminum Sliding Gate is sure to catch the eye in your driveway.
Double Wire Fence with Surveillance INOVA PeriNet
Double Wire Fence with Electronic SurveillanceINOVA PeriNet to detect any intrusion activity – for added security
Double Wire Fence with Surveillance INOVA PeriNet
Our Products
Everything from a Single SourceBerlemann – Your Partner for Cutting-Edge Property Security

Professional Perimeter Security

Individual On-Site Consulting

INOVA products will provide you with an integrated security solution of individually combined components for safety and security on your site. The INOVA gate range includes sliding gates, swing gates, fence systems and intrusion detection systems. Consult one of our highly qualified INOVA Certified Dealers to receive individual advice directly on your site or contact our in-house experts.

Sliding Gates, Swing Gates and More

INOVA gate and other gate-systems range from precision-­engineered INOVA Sliding Gates over industrial Swing Gates to long-­lasting Private Dwelling Gates. INOVA doors and fences can be found in almost all areas. They se­cure industrial and commercial areas as well as areas with high security require­ments. For complete access control we offer Boom Barriers and Turn­stiles.

Fence Systems

With an INOVA Fencing System you can fence and secure your property in a way that is both effective and aesthetic.
Our products range from modern Garden Fences with pvc vision block over elegant Gabion Walls to electronically monitored High-Security Fences.
We can offer you the right solution.

This is Our Promise to You

As as family-owned company based in the town of Neuen­kirchen in the Münster­land region in north­western Germany, the Berlemann Torbau GmbH has been keeping its promise to supply products of quality, security and dura­bility for over 40 years. Thanks to care­fully selected materials, highly automated manu­­facturing, through quality control and a highly moti­vated team, you invest in a sustain­able product that promotes safety and modern elegance.

Schiebetor INOVA Industrie Reverenz Spedition von Berlemann
For every purpose
Zweifuegelige-Drehflügeltore INOVA Industrie Anthrazitgrau von Berlemann Torbau Gmbh
Swing Gates & Pedestrian Gates
Doppelstabgitter INOVA Anthrazitgrau von Berlemann Torbau GmbH
Fences, Gabion Walls & Blinds
Elektronisch überwachter Zaun INOVA PeriNet Liniensensor von Berlemann Torbau GmbH
Electronic Security Systems
Schranke INOVA blau/weiss Zufahrt von Berlemann Torbau GmbH
Boom Barriers, Turnstiles & More
Schiebetor INOVA SilverLine grün von Berlemann Torbau GmbH
See for yourself

INOVA Perimeter Security at a Glance


The term perimeter security includes all measures to protect a building or a site from external hazards such as break-ins, vandalism, sabotage and espionage. These measures cover both physical protection (perimeter security) and electronic and organizational security (perimeter surveillance).

The interaction between physical, electronic and organizational components is crucial for an effective perimeter security system. Perimeter protection is especially effective when all measures for perimeter security and surveillance form a unit that is well coordinated and therefore difficult to overcome.

Everything from a Single Source

Berlemann is a manufacturer and distributor of components for perimeter security and perimeter surveillance. When developing our products, we focus on an effective interaction of all INOVA components for optimal perimeter security and perimeter surveillance.

An example of our integrated approach to security is the PeriNet Fence Detection System: a fence system with internal sensor cable routing for discreet fixing of the PeriNet Line Sensors. We develop tailored perimeter security solutions down to the smallest detail, from a fence design that is suitable for intrusion detection to security screws that prevent the disassembly of components.

Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Fence Systems and More

It can be difficult to find the right security products for your project. You might start by searching for gates, fences and other products for perimeter protection with the objective to sufficiently secure a certain terrain from intrusion. Depending on the region, the purpose of the terrain and local legislation, you may be obliged to fence the boundaries of your site. It may also be part of your official duties to provide appropriate security in and around public buildings. Depending on the purpose and the necessity, it might also be recommended to install sliding gates or yard gates, respectively swing gates, metal fences and fence alarm solutions etc. from a legal perspective. Since we, as a manufacturer, do not sell our products directly, but work with a large network of certified dealers and distributors you've come to the right place. Along with our sales partners and in-house staff we help you to find a security system for your site that is both secure and elegant. Please contact us. Our highly motivated team of experts will be glad to assist you. Your benefit: With Berlemann, you get everything from a single source. INOVA Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, Fence Systems, Access Control Systems and Fence Detection Systems.

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