Product Overview

  • Triple bar grille with Y-arm, barbed wire covering and wire roll barrier
  • PeriNet detection system consisting of line sensor and evaluation unit
  • INOVA SilverLine sliding door with connected pedestrian gate and reach-through protection
  • Media column with integrated intercom system, code push-button and letterbo

Due to valuable stored scaffolding and tools, scaffolding specialist Schaffrinna has high demands on perimeter protection. The security concept specially developed for Schaffrinna includes coordinated mechanical security components as well as an electronic anti-climbing barrier and break-in protection.

Central element of the mechanical safety system is the high-security fence. It is made of triple wire mesh that has been specially designed to accommodate PeriNet detection systems.

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Schaffrinna's factory premises have been secured in accordance with the safety requirements with a high-security fence including a Y-boom with 3 rows of barbed wire and an additional roll of locking wire. In addition to the purely mechanical perimeter protection, the fencing system is electronically monitored against climbing over and breaking through.

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The special triple wire mesh accommodates the PeriNet high-performance sensor in an integrated cable duct. The sensor cable is hardly perceptible from the outside (attack side). A horizontal bar of the triple bar grid protects the sensor against vandalism and manipulation.

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From the inside (non-aggression side), the sensor cable is elegantly routed between two horizontal bars of the triple bar grid. The PeriNet clips hold the cable securely in position and allow quick installation.

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The access road is secured with a INOVA SilverLine sliding gate system. Just like the fence system, the sliding gate is also electronically protected against climbing over.

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Zur optimalen Zutrittskontrolle ist die INOVA Mediensäule mit Codiertaster und Gegensprechanlage ausgestattet. Ein integrierter Briefkasten rundet die funktionale Säule ab.

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The fence posts cover strips are fastened with PeriNet security screws. Thus, a simple and noiseless dismantling of fence panels is effectively prevented. A fence crown consisting of Y-arms with barbed wire covering and a roll of wire works as anti-climbing barrier.

In addition to the mechanical burglary protection, the high-security fence is also electronically secured. The PeriNet linear sensor, positioned in the cable routing of the triple wire mesh, reliably detects attempts to climb over the fence system as well as break-in attempts such as cutting, sawing or burning.

The object entrances, consisting of a INOVA SilverLine sliding gate system with adjoining pedestrian gate, are also electronically secured against attempts to climb over. Access is controlled via the intercom system and coding buttons integrated in the media column.