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Reckers GmbH

product overview

  • INOVA Industrial sliding gate type ESI, 12 m clear opening.
  • INOVA Standard manual sliding gate, 9 m clear opening
  • Fixed parts with anti-climb protection
  • INOVA swing gate with anti-climbing barrier

Project description

[Translate to Englisch:] Seitenansicht Schiebetor

For its new warehouse, Reckers GmbH, based in Rheine, has opted for INOVA products. The entrance area is protected by an INOVA sliding gate with excellently adapted fixed parts and a side pedestrian gate of the same appearance, which is deterrent for uninvited guests but at the same time inviting for welcome guests. Filler bars in the sliding gate, in the fixed parts and in the pedestrian gate turn the entrance area of the company into an aesthetic, uniform eye-catcher.

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