Construction Company RAPP

Product overview

  • Automatic INOVA industrial sliding door
  • 10 m clear opening, height 2 m
  • Gate columns in RAL 3020 traffic red
  • Personnel door with electric strike and gripping protection

Project description

Red - this is the colour by which the construction company RAPP can be recognised from afar. On the company premises there is a white business and equipment building with a matching red roof overhang. Hence, the INOVA industry sliding gate with red columns and INOMETALLIC powdercoated gate wing is a logical consequence. The combination of two colours falls immediately into the eye and fits harmoniously into the Corporate Design of the construction company.

The adjoining pedestrian gate with electric gate opener in the same colour combination and the attached galvanised fence complete the overall design while providing the desired protection.

With our INOVA products, the RAPP construction company demonstrates the possibilities of a visually appealing and at the same time effective perimeter protection on its own premises.