INOVA Swing Gates

INOVA swing gates range from the Eco pedestrian gate which secure small entrances to Industrial swing gate systems with two leaves for wide driveways. We use the latest laser technology to achieve high precision. This way, the gates infills fit perfectly into the frames of our INOVA swing gates. Aesthetics are a matter of the heart for us. INOVA swing gates clad with wire welded mesh infills create a visual highlight when they are combined with our fence systems, as the gate and the fence have the exact same height. The combination of gate and fence elements create a consistent, linear look.

Swing Gates that can be installed in an instant

We developed the INOFIX assembly concept to allow an easy and quick installation of mounting parts and attachment parts. It ensures a firm screwing connection without drilling and thread cutting. The hot dip galvanisation according to the DIN 1461 standard and the additional powder coating make an optimal corrosion protection and ensure durability. Adapt your swing gate according to your requirements by choosing from our carefully designed solutions such as the two-part end stop for closing profiles and various handle and lock options.

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To suit your requirements
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Convincingly good solutions
Cost effective and functional

Compare INOVA Swing Gates

Three types of gates, one statement: INOVA swing gates combine distinctive design with technical refinement. Berlemann offers the right solution to suit all clients’ specifications, whether it is a cost-efficient ECO pedestrian gate or a custom-made INDUSTRIAL swing gate.

  • basic configuration
    Main areas of application
    Nominal height
    Nominal width (one leaf)
    Nominal width (two leaves)
    Frame profiles
    Post profiles
    Gate infills
    Long-term corrosion protection
    Standard colours*
    Maximum opening angle
    Direction of opening (can be chosen freely)

    *extra equipment available

    Industrie  Standard Eco  



    steel steel
    industrial areas commercial areas private sector commercial areas private sector private sector
    0,8 m to 2,4 m 0,8 m to 2,4 m0,8 m to 2,0 m
    1,0 m to 4,5 m1,0 m to 3,0 m1,0 m
    2,0 m to 9,0 m2,0 m to 6,0 m-
    60/40 · 80/40 · 80/60* 60/4040/40
    60/60 · 80/80 · 100/100
    120/120 · 140/140*
    60/60 · 80/80
    100/100 · 120/120
    Double wire mesh, type 8/6/8 square tube 25 mm* Double wire mesh, type 8/6/8 square tube 25 mm* Single wire mesh, type 6/5
    hot dip galvanised according to DIN 1461hot dip galvanised according to DIN 1461hot dip galvanised according to DIN 1461
    hot dip galvanised or powder-coated hot dip galvanised or powder-coated hot dip galvanised or powder-coated
    6005 Moss green
    7016 Anthracite grey
    7030 Stone grey
    9010 Pure white*
    6005 Moss green
    7016 Anthracite grey
    7030 Stone grey
    9010 Pure white*
    6005 Moss green
    7016 Anthracite grey
    approx. 180°approx. 180°approx. 110°
    weld on hinges with eye bolts, adjustable*INOTEC with eye bolts, 3D adjustableL hinge, adjustable
    handle on back plate, light alloy, anodised or lever lock* handle on back plate, light alloy, anodisedhandle, light alloy, anodised
    job-orientedchosen during assemblychosen during assembly
  • extra equipment
    Coating in special colours
    Fence connection
    Spike bar
    Safety stop
    Handle / knob options
    Reach-through protection
    Emergency exit kit
    Special gate infills
    Double profile cylinder
    Electric gate opener
    Gate opening detection (magnetic switch contact)
    Gate lock detection (bolt switch contact)
    Yes Yes-
    Yes Yes-
    Yes --

Other optional extra equipment and special designs are available upon request.

DIN left or DIN right? You can choose the opening direction of your gate on-site!

Flexibility up to the last minute - that is what Standard swing gates and Eco pedestrian gates stand for. The innovative INOTEC gate mounting gives you the freedom to decide up until right before assembly. Whether you want the gate hinges to be mounted DIN left or DIN right, whether you prefer the gate to open inwards or outwards - it's your choice!

The Swing Gate - INOVA Industrial, INOVA Standard, INOVA Eco

INOVA swing gates can be used in many different areas. They are an ideal solution for driveways which do not offer enough opening space for an INOVA sliding gate. Our swing gates secure entrances to industrial sites, private backyards and military areas all over Europe. We will put together your individual swing gate using wire mesh infills, sheet metal or perforated sheet metal. Upon request, our Industrial swing gates can even be fitted for the installation of barbed wire or razor wire. Find out about the many different options available and please do not hesitate to contact us.