INOVA PeriNet Intrusion Detection Systems

INOVA PeriNet Intrusion Detection Systems
INOVA PeriNet Intrusion Detection Systems

The PeriNet intrusion detection system is deployed on perimeter protection barriers to detect and locate any attempt to climb or break through fences or gates (by cutting, sawing or burning). The sensor cable can be directly attached to both new and pre-existing fence systems.

A PeriNet detection system consists of a PeriNet linear sensor and a PeriNet analyser module. The linear sensor is connected to a suitable analyser module to meet the size and protection requirements of the secured site.

The linear sensor detects sound waves caused by any attempt to forcibly overcome a barrier, such as a fence, and converts them into electrical signals. The analyser module classifies these signals and reliably distinguishes between either hostile intrusion-related signals, or non-hostile signals such as those caused by environmentally related activity.

Why PeriNet Intrusion Detection Systems?

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Low Sensitivity To Electrical Influences!
The sensor is configured as a twisted pair of grounded conductors with a shield of aluminum-coated composite foil. This widely ensures rejection of externally generated electrical or electromagnetic interference sources.

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Unsurpassed Signal to Noise Performance!
The smallest intrusion-related mechanical activity detected by the sensor will generate a signal level typically 1000 times greater than the background noise level. This ensures that even minute levels of intrusion-related activity can be easily extracted and identified without risk of losing such critical information within the high background noise levels.

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Resilient To Damage And Simple Repair Procedure
If an intrusion attempt or attempted vandalism has caused damage to the sensor cable, any competent electrical service technician can easily do a repair with non-specialist tools. The typical Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) for a damaged sensor cable amounts to 15 minutes.

Insusceptible to lightning damage
The VibraTek sensor is galvanically isolated from the analyser module. This provides the analyser electronics with effective protection against damage caused by lightning strikes in the sensor cable.

A Highly Reliable Solution That Unifies Electronics and Mechanics

The INOVA PeriNet brand stands for an innovative approach to intrusion detection. Our unique feature is the operation of mechanical protection in conjunction with electronic monitoring to form a most reliable unit.

PeriNet Triple wire mesh (non-attack side of the fence)
PeriNet Triple wire mesh (non-attack side of the fence)

The PeriNet triple wire mesh is just one example for our high quality standards. It offers the proven stability and protection of a welded mesh fence. Integrated cable routing makes the sensor cable virtually invisible to the outside and offers reliable protection against sabotage or vandalism. Our fence and gate systems are designed to meet the special requirements of PeriNet detection systems. Therefore, our solutions provide a significantly improved quality of intrusion detection and prevent spurious responses and false alarms while offering distinctive elegance.

Application Examples of INOVA PeriNet

PeriNet intrusion detection systems are used wherever enhanced security measures are needed. The technology can be applied in a wide range of sectors beyond high-security areas, such as:

• securing prisons and forensic facilities against intrusion and escape
• securing public facilities, such as airports, museums and libraries
• securing industrial plants, e. g. in the food industry, or refineries
• securing recreational facilities against intrusion, such as amusement parks, stadiums, sports facilities and public swimming pools
• entry and exit control in asylum centers or first-line reception centers
• protecting cultural and tourism facilities against vandalism
• safeguarding of storage locations, tank farms or solar parks
• theft protection in car parks and in exhibitions and sales areas for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, trucks, cars and caravans
• securing facilities with potential safety hazards, such as nuclear power plants
• securing private properties against theft, burglaries and robberies

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