INOVA Access Control System

Managing and controlling who has access to an industrial site, a business park, military facilities, a government building or even a private property can be an important and essential element when it comes to perimeter security. Access control systems should not be overly complicated but, when required, still be comprehensive and user-friendly. A major argument in favor of a well thought-out access control system is not only perimeter security, but also access management. The system helps to organize, individually assign and therefore manage access rights. INOVA access control systems are widely used in access areas such as:

• main and side entrances
• security gates
• highly frequented car or truck entrances
• recreational facilities
• public facilities
• car or bike parking
• stadiums
• and many more

All our access control systems are also compatible with INOVA sliding gates and you can decide whether you want to operate them individually or in combination. For more impressions take a look at our reference site and consult our INOVA experts to receive individual advice.

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