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Association activities

As a manufacturer and distributor of system components for perimeter protection, Berlemann Torbau is involved in both national and international associations. In addition to direct contact with our customers, our association membership also gives us the opportunity to participate in the further development of national and European standards.

[Translate to Englisch:] RAL Gütemeinschaft

Gütegemeinschaft Metallzauntechnik e.V. (Quality Association for Metal fence Technology)

The Gütegemeinschaft Metallzauntechnik e.V. is an association with legal capacity and has as its statutory purpose exclusively the quality assurance of services (fence assembly) and goods (metal fences of all kinds and area gates) as well as their marking with the RAL quality mark.

The RAL quality mark "Metallzauntechnik" guarantees a constantly and neutrally monitored high quality.

[Translate to Englisch:] Fachverband Drahtzaun

Fachverband Drahtzaun e.V. (Professional Association Wire Fence)

The professional association is an association of specialized enterprises, which united as a non-profit association in 1969. The goal is the promotion of common professional interests and placing performance at the core of all activities.

[Translate to Englisch:] Verband der Schweizerischen Zaunfabriken VSZ

Verband der Schweizerischen Zaunfabriken VSZ (Association of Swiss Fence Factories)

Berlemann Torbau GmbH is the first foreign com­pany to be ac­cepted as a patro­nage member of the Ver­band der Schweiz­erischen Zaun­fabriken VSZ.

The purpose of the fence asso­ciation is to protect and pro­mote all common interests by bring­ing to­gether as many companies within the sector as possible. The asso­ciation represents these interests towards members, customers, authorities and organisations.

[Translate to Englisch:] Verband für Sicherheitstechnik

Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (Association for Safety Technology)

The Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (VfS) has existed since June 1994. In the VfS working groups, at VfS seminars and symposia, Berlemann Torbau discusses the improvement of security systems in areas with special security requirements such as airports, hospitals or prisons.

Together with other manufacturers and users, Berlemann Torbau develops networking possibilities and security concepts which, among other things, serve as input for product developments.